Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nancy Pelosi on virtue of being undiscriminating

Nancy Pelosi loves her religion for compelling her, in her own words, to be "against discrimination of any kind," stressing that any kind of discrimination is unconstitutional to boot. She cites as her authoritative exemplar theologian Obama and calls evil "good," confirming that she is, indeed, utterly undiscriminating.

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Elizabeth said...

Yeah, where's the public excommunication? Where's the Bishops? How long is this going to go on unhindered?

The continued silence, or "private dialogue" from her Bishop or higher is such an outrage and a scandal to Catholics everywhere.

Robert Allen said...

They are winning though, make no mistake about it. While married couples struggle to make ends meet, the sodomites, devoid of familial responsibilities, are making constant appeals to pity in the public square, swaying the majority of their fellow citizens, weak-minded or touting their own form of depravity. Meanwhile the Pelosis of the world, whose consciences are constituted by the latest public opinion poll, are tripping over each other in a mad rush to be the LBJ of the homosexualist movement. And anyone who voices disapproval of the whole sordid mess gets labelled a bigot. It is nothing short of an attack on the HMC.

Pertinacious Papist said...

No doubt the Sodomites are winning -- they and their useful idiots.

Much that once was -- and was good and true and beautiful -- is now forgotten, for few now live who remember it.

The greater part of generations now alive are rapidly falling into the world of shadows and oblivion.