Friday, May 25, 2012

The secret of our President's innovative genius

Some insist he hasn't worked for an honest day's wage his entire life. Hmmm ... Well maybe, maybe not. But he sure knows how to build himself a reputation for resourcefulness, for milking the cow for every last drop -- well, no, that would require too much effort. Check it out, especially the part about his contributions to his earlier 'communities' as an INNOVATOR! 'nother round of golf, Mr. Prez?




Obama is not unique in this regard but reflects a widespread emphasis in the African-American community to toot one's horn. Witness Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman." It is Believe-in-Yourselfism on steroids. I hear it from my students each semester; "I am talented, hard-working, well-liked, an accomplished athlete, soloist, and hard-charging person of character who loves God and my mother and am destined to be a Congressman.... People tell me my biggest weakness is I need to trust my instincts more...." Etc etc. truly, the President only reflects the culture he has chosen to make his own. PEople who think it is an egoism unique to him simply are unfamiliar with a certain strain of African-American culture personified by the likes of Muhammed Ali, Marion Barry, Michael Jordan, etc. But I imagine most are loathe to point this out. The Facebook Generation is also following this character trajectory, so we will be seeing it much more henceforth. Brave New Word it is!

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