Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Catholic military chaplain legend in own time

Donald R. McClarey, "Chesty Puller and Catholic Chaplains" (American Catholic, January 2, 2011) -- five times awarded the Navy Cross, a Silver Star, a Distinguished Service Cross, and a Bronze Star with a v for valor, along with numerous other decorations.

[Hat tip to C.B.]


Roger said...

"However, based on what Puller says here, the solution does NOT lie in better marketing techniques or in “feel good” approaches to the faith… rather it lies in having clergy (and lay people) whom others can look up to, and who aren’t afraid to go “where the bullets are flying” (from the article) This couldn't be said any better!

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Wonder what Chesty would have had to say about Catholic priests and nuns who aided and even fought with leftist guerrillas back in the golden days of liberation theology, one of the few groups in the history of civilization to which JP2 did not feel compelled to offer an apology.