Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abortion's link to contraceptive mentality

Michael Voris has sparked considerable reaction with a number of recent "Vortex" episodes devoted to the link between abortion and contraception. The link occurs in the contraceptive outlook "birth control" has generated in the culture at large. Something like 50% of abortions occur, allegedly, as a result of failed contraception, giving the lie to the notion that abortion isn't regarded significantly as "backup contraception." One of the saddest stories is the one Voris relates in his episode entitled "The Third Rail" regarding a deacon who was apparently "retired" (or something) by his diocese after preaching against contraception in his parish. He simply disappeared.
  • "March for Life" (January 24, 2011).
  • "See You Next Year" (The March for Life will be an annual event forever unless something changes) (January 24, 2011)
  • "The Third Rail" (How the topic of contraception can kill your career) (January 26, 2011)
  • "A Divided House" (What divides Protestants from Catholics in the Pro-Life movement) (January 27, 2011)

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Sheldon said...

The "Third Rail" piece was especially good. Contraception is an issue most DRE's, RCIA leaders, and chancery officers would probably like to be swept under the rug and forgotten. I can't speak for bishops, but it's a rare one that I've heard speak to the issue.