Monday, October 17, 2016

Poor black single-mom, a baptized sister in Christ, needs money to buy car to get to work

A good friend of our family (let's call her Tonya), an African-American single mother of two, could easily have gone on welfare. But she was raised under an old-fashioned work ethic and prefers to earn her keep by working at a paying job, such as it is (only part time now). It's the way she chooses to pay the bills and keep body and soul together, God bless her. Those are the same hard-work values she's been teaching her own children.

The trouble is, when you're as far from the celebrated top 1% (super-rich) as she is, it's hard. She's had a number of cars by which she has been getting to and from work, but they keep dying on her. To be honest, when she buys her cars they're usually already on their last legs, so to speak.

For a upwards of a year she's had to depend on someone else to drive her to work, but that option is about to come to an end and she needs to buy a car. In three or four weeks. No bus route is feasible for where she needs to go.

So I'm going out on a limb here and asking for donations. I say "going out on a limb" because I'm not in a position to give you more detailed information about her than I'm providing on this page. Why? It wouldn't be fair to her.

I first tried using a fund-raising website called GoFundMe, but like other sites, they charge a percentage fee and require a photo of the person(s) you're trying to help. But understandably, Tonya doesn't want her picture online. There's just no way. Not going to happen. It would be too embarrassing, she says.

So here's the deal. If our fund-raising drive is successful, and I plan to donate generously myself, what I will do is try to get a photo of Tonya standing beside her new pre-owned vehicle, once she gets it, and then post that online with her thanks.

And as an alternative to a website like GoFundMe, I've decided to use Paypal as the vehicle for soliciting donations (see the 'Donate' button below), which should give you the usual options by which to donate via Paypal -- using credit cards if you don't have a Paypal account.

I set up this Paypal account under the name of 'Academy Press' back when I was involved in a small publishing business on the side in North Carolina, so that's the name you'll most likely see when redirected to the payment page, in addition to my own name (Philip Blosser), depending on whether you pay by Paypal or Credit Card.

We aren't a tax exempt organization, so I'm afraid your donations are not tax deductible, though I can provide you with a receipt if you provide me with your email address.

As another option, if you'd prefer to send a check, please email me [LINK] and I can send you my mailing address. Just put in the SUBJECT LINE of your email the following: 'CAR FUND-RAISER CHARITY.'

This is a limited-time fund-raiser (probably no more than three weeks). And may God bless you as you bless this sister, a sister in Christ, in her need. I will not be taking a percentage of the donations as GoFundMe would. I will forward 100% of what I receive to Tonya with no strings attached.

Please give generously.

If you cannot give money, please pray for the success of this fund-raiser; and pray for Tonya and her family.
Thank you!!

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