Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"I can't understand why Trump is doing so well"

Greg Krehbiel, "I can't understand why Trump is doing so well" (Crowhill Weblog, September 30, 2016):
Me: Really? I’m surprised that you don’t. You’re a fairly perceptive fellow.

Him: How can people support a man like this? He’s a serial adulterer, a flagrant liar, he’s bombastic and nasty, he can’t speak in complete sentences, he doesn’t know basic facts about the government …. He is the most unqualified man to ever run for the office.

Me: I think you’re not considering the mood of the people and how fed up they are. A large percentage of the population thinks the system is rigged and corrupt from top to bottom and needs to be completely disrupted.

Him: They’re delusional, but even so that doesn’t excuse asking this horrible man to do it. He’s going to make a mockery of the United States in front of the whole world.

Me: I see. So you expect somebody who’s going to buck the political establishment of both parties, defy the 24-7 scorn of the media and the Internet cry bullies — basically to be at war with almost every social institution in this country — and also be a nice guy?

Him: I don’t want anything of the kind. I don’t think the system is entirely rigged and corrupt, and I don’t think Trump could fix it if it were.

Me: And that’s why you don’t understand why Trump is doing so well.
[Hat tip to JM]

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c matt said...

I fear less the Donald failing at what he promises to do, than the Hildebeast succeeding at what she promises to do. In other words, I vote for The Donald although I think he would mostly fail and because I think the Hildebeast would mostly not.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

We know that Hillary is doing pretty well because there have been no "secret" photos of her dancing on a beach will Billy Jeff.

Anonymous said...

This is certainly one of the most unusual campaigns. I am for the Trump now more than ever. I have noticed a pattern with Hillary remember Herman Cain and all the women he supposedly messed with a la Hillary. I believe it is a last ditch effort in true Democrat style to reverse a concern. In other words, she is a woman and some would not vote for her on that alone. So, she works to rally 50% to her (the women) claiming he is a womanizer. She has done this repeatedly though note they are always women from the distant past and usually everything disappears afterwards. Meanwhile the vile Clintons with all their doings CAUGHT in action like emails, like semen on the dress, like Ark chicken farmers scandal, on and on it goes and somehow they come out with nothing. The truth about the very serious email scandal is that they are absolute proof of her wrong doing against our country but the director of the FBI, afraid for his career, misinterpreted the law to be gross negligence AND intent rather than the actual OR word. They had already proven gross negligence. If it was a mistake, like she claims, why did her peeps take the fifth? There are just too many scary illegal things with the Clintons. As a matter of fact, if you check, you will find that right before Bill left office, he amended the Fair Housing Act section on crediting which opened the door for Acorn and other loaning to be done without proper qualification. This is what started the housing/economic collapse! Housing loans were proven to be the catalyst - after the fact. Yet people keep voting in these corrupt people. Trump is certainly not perfect but he is an outsider and still listens to people. He knows that if we do not change policies both the rich and the regulars will all go down. She wants it to fail to create a new regime. BTW, the Russian cabinet meeting after their election was translated and Putin addresses Mrs. Clintons large investment into messing with their politics. I have learned by digging that most times what she accuses others of doing SHE IS DOING.