Sunday, October 16, 2016

Collusion of National Catholic Reporter with Wikileaks-exposed anti-Catholic agenda organized by Podesta

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, "Fishwrap rots from the head down" (Fr. Z's Blog, October 14, 2016):
I am sure that by now you have heard about how the anti-Catholic Clinton campaign’s anti-Catholic manager John Podesta helped foment dissent in the Church and revolt by establishing anti-Catholic, catholic organizations. HERE Undermine the Church as a moral force, push her to squander her moral capital by getting her pastors to water down Catholic teaching and you remove an obstacle to garnering by hook or crook more votes for dem candidates. It’s a tried and true method. I saw today an interesting email released by Wikileaks about Podesta’s efforts, through one of his minions. HERE It mentions some interesting catholic entities. Read the whole thing. Take note of the prominent role of the Fishwrap and Commonwelt.

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James Joseph said...

I've heard talk about the common good group for ages now. Is this really the first actual evidence?