Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fund-raiser update! Two weeks and five days to go!

I want to update you on our fund raiser for our sister-in-Christ who needs funds to help buy an operable used automobile to get to and from work. See details on how to donate online or by check HERE.

So far, after just one day, we have donations coming in from as far away as Ireland, Utah, North Carolina, and closer to where we live in Michigan. I would like to thank Mick Leahy, Susan Conner, Kenneth McCormick and Joe Martin for their generous donations.

We all know, nevertheless, that even used cars aren't free. I remember when my father brought our family back from Japan on furlough, he bought a very nice used Ford Fairlane for $400. But that was in 1963. This is 2016. Prices have gone up. A decent used car is going to cost several thousand dollars, at least.

So we need you to contribute whatever you can. While large donations are unexpected surprises, modest donations make us just as happy. Hilarem enim datorem diligit Deus! ("God loves a cheerful giver")

Remember, this opportunity will eventually go away, just like those (annoying) campaigns on the classical music station or on public radio. But, unlike those charities, this is a chance to offer real help to a sister-in-Christ who is doing her best to keep body and soul together by keeping her job. Only, in another few weeks, she won't be able to get to work if she doesn't have a car. You can help. Can't you?

You know what I really wish? I wish I could get some of these left-wing friends of mine who talk endlessly about social justice, the evils of racism, and the 'evil' religious right, to put their money where their mouths are and, just once, help support a good African-American woman in need. Like most American blacks, about all she's received from the current administration is a free phone; but that's not going to buy her a car. She needs real help, not token help. And it's not as if she's sitting at home collecting welfare. She's not. She's working. And that's something that any of us should be willing to support.

After a full week passes, I'll give you a break-down on where we stand. I'd love it if we could raise at least $3000. That would make a difference. Of course, I should probably step out in faith, think 'big,' and expect sufficient generosity to buy her a spanking new car!

Give generously!

Thank you!

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