Friday, September 02, 2016

Trump's constituency: the good, the bad, and the surprising

Matt K. Lewis, "12 Takeaways From Trump's Arizona Rally" (The Daily Caller, September 1, 2016), passes along observations made by an attendee at Trump's rally in Phoenix, AZ, on August 31st. These offer some positives, some negatives in terms of shifting value-commitments of the "anyone-but-Hillary" demographic, as well as some surprises:
1. Group is majority white, but had hundred[s] of African American and Hispanic attendees.
2. Group is 60%+ male. Surprisingly young.
3. Group knew the National Anthem. Saw many tear up. I rarely see this. I doubt [at a] Democrat[ic] rally everyone knows the National Anthem. Not a criticism, just a fact.
4. GOP establishment can hope upon hope that Trump and his rogue supporters go away, but the GOP is making a big miscalculation if they do. These people are truly forgotten. They are mad. How can any party dismiss 35% of of voter who just feel screwed? They don’t want to hear about tax credits, or vouchers, etc. They don’t even understand those words. Their lives aren’t improving (some their own doing), but they want plain talk. Reality: if GOP had passed and a wall was being built right now, there would be no Donald Trump. They just hear empty words.
A. Example, Trump said we need to give out 1 million school vouchers. Didn’t even register with this group. Not sure they know what a voucher is or their lack of education the term meant nothing to them.
5. Those I talked to, know Trump is Trump (aka, jerk), but they think every one else is a jerk off. Big difference.
6. The word “Constitution,” sounds nice but it is a Washington double-speak for many. Hence folks like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz mean little to these people.
7. Surprisingly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, Rudy is a big hit with this group — most popular surrogate with this group.
A. Note: the next biggest cheers came for the gay sheriff, Paul Babeu. Paul had to step suspend his campaign in 2014 because of his illegal, gay Hispanic lover. No judgment on my end but the moral issues like same-sex marriage and abortion mean little to this group. It’s about jobs, crime and not be a Patsy in the world.
8. Sessions was as exciting as watching grass grow … and they treated his comments as such. When he told them to unite behind John McCain, they booed.
9. A gentleman passed out during Session’s speech. 100+ people yelling we “need a medic, we need a medic” for 5+ minutes. Session looked over and just kept talking. People were like “WTF?” Someone said, “maybe there is a doctor here?” Which the woman next to me replied, “This isn’t a Jeb Bush rally.”
10. I was amazed how calm Trump is at the podium. No self-doubt or nerves.
11. Again, Rudy really hates Hillary and is running like he is running against her.
12. The campaign bring[s] out these families whose children or loved ones have been killed by illegals. Not just Hispanic, but Russians (balance). This is not a good thing and brings out the worst of the audience.
[Hat tip to Sir. A.S.]

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