Monday, September 12, 2016

Papal letter approving sacraments for the re-married

Related: Lianne Laurence, "Another plea to Pope to correct 'heretical' statements in 'Amoris Laetitia'" (LifeSiteNews, August 10, 2016) - Professor Josef Seifert.


Anonymous said...

There is ample precedent for this sort of thing, that is, for 'pastorally discerning' that notorious sinners ought not be 'disturbed' but should be granted absolution, thereby receiving tickets to Communion to get past the turnstiles and bouncers.

(There shouldn't be ample precedent, just as there shouldn't be Popes who sired children by their mistresses; but there is in fact ample precedent).

bill bannon said...

But missing in action is Pope Benedict whose upcoming interview book is flattering also of Francis. I'd liked to see a reporter cross examine Benedict on the problematic parts of AL. I feel so sorry for converts. I as cadle had sixteen years of good Catholic schools and concluded that I was essential Catholicism but suspicious of all ad ons of a non infallible nature and I saw Lumen Gentium as incomplete on religious submission of mind and will as Congar noted Councils were often incomplete in such passages. That has helped me immensely...immensely. Nothing in the non infallible realm surprises me.