Thursday, September 29, 2016

Amy Welborn on Nashville sex ed skirmish

Amy Welborn, "4th Period is SexyTime Today" (Charlotte was Both, September 22, 2016)

[Parental advisory: the article contains explicit language]

Really? Is this what children need to be hearing in school?

As Guy Noir says: "Eye-opening and surprising, even as it is completely unsurprising ... And one more time I'll opine that Theology of the Body is as much a bloated and dubious project as any sort of gift, much like Vatican II."

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Michael Leahy said...

I am wholly unqualified to pass judgement on Theology of the Body, but I would question if it was intended for a non-adult audience. Introducing this sort of thing to thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds strikes me as nothing short of diabolical.