Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wow! What happened to Michael Voris as a 19-year-old lad at Notre Dame

Using the movie "Spotlight" as a foil, Mr. Voris launches into an amazing account of what happened to him personally while a student at the University of Notre Dame. It helps bring clarity to a number of things, though it's not easy hearing.

The rest of the story about "Spotlight": "Spotlight Exposed" (The Media Report)


Anonymous said...

Explains at least one possible aspect of the strong gay subculture. Imagine a Catholic priest who was initiated at Notre Dame at age 19 and has never known a priesthood not so colored.... It's just the way it is. Over at Rod Dreher, a Moron discusses the LDS policy regarding gays and makes this comment, which would also apply to so much of the Catholic clerical approach to gay policies:

"3) I’m tired of people objecting to a policy like this, when really their objection is that the church teaches homosexual relations are sinful. It’s disingenuous. People freak out, not really because of the policy, but because they disagree fundamentally that homosexual activity is a sin... If you disagree that homosexual activity is a sin, fine, but let’s keep focused on the real issue at hand."

The gay-affirming Catholic crowd would choke on this sentiment, and I doubt Francis could muster such frankness outside of disowning gay *marriage.* The gay subculture has been so significant and so long-lived that precise discussion is pretty much never heard, at least for any consistent length of time. Catholics are against gay marriage, Gay relations... um, everyone either shouts or squirms.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

What happened to Voris is horrific. Stories about what Notre Dame has done to the faithful is legion- even E. Michale Jones experienced the wrath of liberals there, however, what Mr. Voris says about Spotlight is not the entirety of the story.

The movie is exposed here:

Pertinacious Papist said...

Thanks for the linked article, ABS. Good stuff, and a needed corrective.