Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Darth Trump: Hilarious!

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FF said...

I love Mexican people when they stay in freekin' Mexico. I love Muslims when they stay in freekin' IranIraqistan and spend all their time cutting off the heads of their own people, stoning their own adulterers, and blowing themselves up to prove themselves. These people live lives worthy of the Three Stooges, and ought to be encouraged in their antics OVER THERE. I salute them all for their loyalty to their own soil (well, sand, actually) and their infectious enthusiasm for winnowing their population for the most trifling reasons. How could Paul Ehrlich not be delighted?

I love cultural diversity, anywhere but HERE. Afro-Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, Spanish Americans, you can all pound salt -- you are AMERICANS, get over yourselves, your bonehead phonied-up holidays, your moronic whinings about things that happened centuries ago, your manufactured "rage," and your idiot bumperstickers, or go back to the craphouse countries your ancestors risked their lives to escape. Knucklehead lives don't matter, they just degrade the gene pool. Big Don sounds good to me, Big Ted sounds even better, Jeb and Mitt are mutts with first names that sound stolen from Little Rascals characters and Hillary's pantsuits are so big you could use them for sails. As for Francis, stay home, you are a pest, and take 99% of your American archbishops and cardinals home with you, nobody pays any damn attention to them anyway.