Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Video of Polish priest's speech slamming Islam goes viral"

Joseph Pellstier, "Video Of Polish Priest’s Speech Slamming Islam Goes Viral" (CM, December 15, 2015).

Father Jacek Miedlar warns crowd: "Be ready to be persecuted":
Warsaw -- Footage of a young Polish Catholic priest addressing a crowd of tens of thousands protesting Islam and liberalism is going viral.

The speech occurred at a march in honor of Poland's November 11 National Independence Day, which marks the anniversary of the country's restoration of sovereignty in 1918.


Chuck Martelowski said...

Der Panzerkardinal Emeritus (remember him?? wadda joke!) may get to live his dream after all. Most Catholics are pampered softies, far too sophisticated to deal with bombs, beheadings and standing up to Sharia martinets. They will drop Catholicism like a hot potato. That will leave the remnant that Der PKE so fancied, though it is hard to imagine it will consist of the kind of people he likely thought it would. Nope, it won't resemble a hippie commune of theology scholars AT ALL!!

Anonymous said...

Pray for final perseverance every day.