Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tradition and the Future of Catholicism

Time to revisit this reflection from Father Joseph Kramer (FSSP), "Tradition and the Future" (Catholic News Service, April 27, 2012).

Pope Paul VI, "CHANGES IN MASS FOR GREATER APOSTOLATE" (Address to a General Audience, November 26, 1969) [with emphasis added]:
Our Dear Sons and Daughters:

1. We ask you to turn your minds once more to the liturgical innovation of the new rite of the Mass. This new rite will be introduced into our celebration of the holy Sacrifice starting from Sunday next which is the first of Advent, November 30 [in Italy].

2. A new rite of the Mass: a change in a venerable tradition that has gone on for centuries. This is something that affects our hereditary religious patrimony, which seemed to enjoy the privilege of being untouchable and settled. It seemed to bring the prayer of our forefathers and our saints to our lips and to give us the comfort of feeling faithful to our spiritual past, which we kept alive to pass it on to the generations ahead....

4. We must prepare for this many-sided inconvenience. It is the kind of upset caused by every novelty that breaks in on our habits. We shall notice that pious persons are disturbed most, because they have their own respectable way of hearing Mass, and they will feel shaken out of their usual thoughts and obliged to follow those of others. Even priests may feel some annoyance in this respect....

6. This first reason is not simply canonical—relating to an external precept.... It is Christ's will, it is the breath of the Holy Spirit which calls the Church to make this change. A prophetic moment is occurring in the mystical body of Christ, which is the Church. This moment is shaking the Church, arousing it, obliging it to renew the mysterious art of its prayer.

7. The other reason for the reform is this renewal of prayer....

8. ... The introduction of the vernacular will certainly be a great sacrifice for those who know the beauty, the power and the expressive sacrality of Latin. We are parting with the speech of the Christian centuries; we are becoming like profane intruders in the literary preserve of sacred utterance. We will lose a great part of that stupendous and incomparable artistic and spiritual thing, the Gregorian chant.

9. We have reason indeed for regret, reason almost for bewilderment. What can we put in the place of that language of the angels? We are giving up something of priceless worth. But why? What is more precious than these loftiest of our Church's values?

10. The answer will seem banal, prosaic. Yet it is a good answer, because it is human, because it is apostolic....

11. Understanding of prayer is worth more than the silken garments in which it is royally dressed. Participation by the people is worth more—particularly participation by modern people, so fond of plain language which is easily understood and converted into everyday speech....


c matt said...

Boy did he get it wrong...

PIETRO said...

This was a very disturbing message. Was the change really inspired by Christ and the Holy Spirit? If it was, did the "smoke of Satan" then infiltrate and run us off the rails? As I said, hearing about "novelties" and leaving behind the language of angels is quite disturbing to me. I'm not sure how to digest it all.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

ABS is the same age as Israel, 67 years old, and when he went to the Lil' Licit Liturgy for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception there was not one song- not one- that he recognised. Rather, the crap heard prolly came from a christian rock station that airs its bogus music locally.

To be constrained to have to assist at the Lil' Licit Liturgy daily is to experience dalienation for EVERY SINGLE DAY since the revolutionary rite was shoved down our throats has been a day in which the Faithful have been alienated from their rightful heritage and the proximate cause of the decapitation of the Roman Rite is the revolutionaries behind it had a different faith than those who worshipped in the Real Mass Roman Rite and because the revolutionaries wanted Joe and Joan Pewdweller to be converted to the new faith, they evangelised them via the Lil' Licit Liturgy which is a happy meal for women, children, and sodomites but not real men.

The remote cause of the New Rite is Satan.

It is owing to the new rite that we now have priests wearing white for funeral services which are "celebrations of life" for Ol' Joe who is now In Heaven fishing with his buddies or celebrations of life for Joan, the nicest woman anyone has ever met who has now been reunited with Joe and she will soon put a stop to his fishing trips with Saint Peter.

All laugh...

Our with the black vestments and The Dies Irae by Thomas of Celano and in with the white vestments and Song of Farewell by Earnest Sands

And that is why when ABS goes to Mary Queen of Peace Cemetery in the Palm Beach Franchise of Dead Dioceses Inc. America, the first through the eighth of November to try and gain a Plenary Indulgence to be applied to a family member in Purgatory he is all alone.

One must give the revolutionaries their due, they not only decapitated the Roman Rite, they evangelised the average Catholic to such an extent that the Communion of Saints has been entirely annihilated; they have done to the faith what ISIS does to Christian prisoners.

When men say there is no evangelising they must mean evangelising in the traditional sense for it is undeniable that the revolutionaries successfully evangelised virtually the entire Shadow Church which now has a new worship service, new sacraments, new canon laws, new catechism, new theology,new papal praxis, new music, new prayers, new new new and yet with all of this new this and new that of the past fifty years and more we now have a Pope who impatiently and stridently demands even more new stuff.

It is all such bogus bull shit. It really is.

Catholic Mission said...

The old Mass and the Latin of the old Mass helps both the priest and the laity understand a lot more i think about the theology of the Church right back to the thrird century (2:57)

The theology of the Church in the third century was Feeneyite.Fr.Kramer denies it.He has to deny it to be able to offer the Traditional Latin Mass in Rome.If he would affirm the theology of the Latin Mass of the third century the Rome Vicariate would ask him to leave.
I personally know that he would not say or support any message which says all non Non Catholics need to convert into the Church to avoid Hell, using as a reference the CDF Notification on Fr. Jacquis Dupuis 2000 and Dominus Iesus 20.
Also during the year of the Faith he had to allow speakers who would speak in general about God and exclude the necessity of the Church for salvation.I hope they mentioned Jesus.
He has conveniently and expediently denied the Faith in Rome all these years and persecuted other Catholics who did affirm the Faith.Life was comfortable for him in Rome unlike those who affirmed the Catholic Faith.

The Traditional Latin Mass is still being offered by him as Pastor of a church in Rome, but without the ecclesiology of the third century.

He offers the TLM with the new theology. He is a Cushingite.

The Mass he offers is heretical and a modernist one.
He does not affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus since he uses Cushingism as a theology.
He changes the Nicene Creed to I believe in there baptisms for the forgiveness of sin.Since the baptism of desire and blood are known baptisms for him and so they are exceptions to the dogma.
He interprets Vatican Council II with Cushingism and so LG 16 is an explicit exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.It is a break with the teaching as it was interpreted in the third century.
A priest who offers the Latin Mass with all this heresy is a modernist.
So many times I have written about this and sent him copies but there is no comment.There is no comment since the priority is staying in Rome and maintaining ones 'career'.
There is no Traditional Latin Mass with the old theology being offered in Rome that I know of .The Left will not permit it.
So if the true Latin Mass has a future in Rome it would be underground.

uncomfortably numb said...

"The breath of the Holy Spirit [called] the Church to make this change."

Oh, of course! But nevertheless it is odd that the satanic spirit has benefited most from Montinian change.

This devious little fellow was able to unleash his evil with virtually no resistance, which demonstrates the extent of the rot within the Church even before Vatican II. And now the same Church he did so much to undermine endeavors to find excuses to declare him a saint.

The Church has lost itself. It is just another soulless corporation, led by an Argentinian fool's cap with a bag of guts attached to it.

Catholic Mission said...

Latin Mass Societies' Mass is heretical

The present traditional Latin Mass is modernist

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The theology of the Church in the third century was Feeneyite

He did look a mite old back in the 1960s

Anonymous said...

Personally,I wish the Vatican would allow FSSP & ICKSP a bishop ordained & consecrated in the pre-June 1968 rite of holy orders to ordain their priest's and consecrate a priest from each group in pre-June 1968 rite of holy orders.(as long as said priest is ordained by valid bishop)Bishop Rifan from Brazil would be a perfect bishop to ordain and consecrate valid bishop's.
There are roughly 50 or so bishop's ordained/consecrated before July 1968 still living.Will you all please pray for this to happen?I still don't understand why they have modern bishop's ordaining traditional priest's.

Catholic Mission said...


Fr.Leonard Feeney held the traditional teaching of the saints and popes.
It was Cardinal Cushing and the Holy Office in 1949 who were in heresy.Their irrationality was also placed in the 1960's in Vatican Council II.

Why had Vatican Council II to mention the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance when these cases are not known to us or are relevant to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?

Why had the Baltimore Catechism to call these cases 'baptisms' and place them in the section of Baptism in the Baltimore Catechism?
Where are these cases in 2015 ? What are their names ? Where do they live ?
Who could have known them in 1949 or 1965 ?
No one.
There are no such cases.
It is upon this irrationality that Cushingism is based as a theology.
It is not only magisterial but also accepted by the traditionalists. It is the basic theology, replacing Feeneyism ( there are no exceptions to the dogma) in the Vatican Document on the Jews.
Rabbi Rosen's supporters could have been there also when the Baptimore Catechism was issued as they were there Boston in the 1940's.

Catholic Mission said...

There are roughly 50 or so bishop's ordained/consecrated before July 1968 still living.Will you all please pray for this to happen?I still don't understand why they have modern bishop's ordaining traditional priest's.

Would you agree that those priests like the present SSPX priests are using Cuishingism instead of Feeneyism as a theology ? This is a break with Tradition?
It is a break with the Syllabus of Errors, it is a break with the traditional concept of ecumenism ? And of course it is a break with the old ecclesiology based on the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus?

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion if one of these valid bishop's would renounce the heresy of ecumenism,made public abjoration of heresy,then consecrated a valid priest in the pre-June 1968 Rite of Holy Orders,it would be one more necessary line of bishop's administering valid Holy Orders and valid Sacraments.The priest being consecrated would have to have been ordained in traditional rite by valid bishop ordained/consecrated in pre-June 1968 rite of holy orders.

Catholic Mission said...



I am of the opinion if one of these valid bishop's would renounce the heresy of ecumenism,
They all accept Cushingism as a theology. So they all indirectly, un knowingly support false ecumenism, the new ecumenism, which is based on the new theology. The new theology is based on the irrationality of Cushingism. It is based on a false premise and inference.

made public abjoration of heresy,

With Cushingism they are saying there are explicit exceptions to the de fide dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. This is heresy. So they may abjure heresy but they are still using Cushingism as a theology.The result is heretical.

With Cushingism they are saying they believe in three known baptisms for the forgiveness of sins instead of one. This is heresy, it it changing the Nicene Creed.

With Cushingism they interpret Lumen Gentium 16 as referring to an explicit case. So Vatican Council II becomes a break with Tradition. With Feeneyism LG 16 is not explicit and so Vatican Council II is not a break with Tradition.

With Feeneyism there are no exceptions to the Nicene Creed's ' I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin'.

The dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus does not have any exceptions with the theology of Feeneyism.

So presently these bishops are offering Mass with heresy.