Sunday, August 24, 2014

Regensburg, 2006: when Cardinal Bergoglio attacked Pope Benedict XVI

Antonio Socci comments:
From this news we deduce two important conclusions:

- Through his spokesman, Cardinal Bergoglio attacked Benedict XVI for his masterly discourse in Regensburg, and this makes sense of his present reticence about the Islamic butchers in Iraq. Cardinal Bergoglio attacked the Pope who came under attack from everyone as well as being under threat by the Islamic terrorists, even though - being a Cardinal – he had the particular duty to defend the Holy Father.

- I want to speak to all those who are launching anathemas at me today saying, “the Pope can’t be criticized.” What did Bergoglio do? He did it - even as a Cardinal, while the Pope was under threat.
Translation of the Libero Quotidiano article by Francesca Romana, "Libero Quotidiano: 'Islam: When Bergoglio attacked Ratzinger" (RC, August 23, 2014).

[Hat tip to JM]

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