Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mainstreamed madness since V2: Can you handle the truth?


JM said...

And yet we just canonized two of the four popes who were absolutely responsible for the appointments and administration of the Church during these decades! Which means there are two quite contrasting narratives afoot in the Church of today; Vorris', and the one sponsored by Rome. Thank goodness the Internet now allows for a wide dissemination of information that disputes the party line. And yet almost all of the prominent Catholic commentators would never dream of directly taking issue with a Pope. And so the stalemate will continue. We constantly act like "of course" the Pope means or intends to speak in keeping with Tradition, while instance after instance contradicts this so we function in a position of denial. No wonder clarity is close to impossible. We are paralyzed by our insistence everything will always be OK in the palace.

Anonymous said...

I had been donating to CMTV for a while. I continued even after I learned that they have jumped on the fun train by heading up cruises I just lost a little respect for them. But by refusing to use their bully pulpit to deal with issues regarding the Pope it is MHO that they have hamstrung their own apostolate. I no longer donate. I don’t think that they have “what it takes”.


Pertinacious Papist said...

Hey Donna,

I don't know of any news source whose perspective I agree with 100% or any apostolate without flawed individuals. But I benefit from many who have numerous sound insights as well as information that can be helpful to know. I wouldn't write off CMTV any more than I would write off EWTN, even if I've criticized elements of each.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Blosser

In “an us-against-them” discussion I’m squarely in your “us” corner and have enjoyed your blog for many a moon and hope that you continue to post for many more moons. But we are different. I can’t see helping to support CMTV for the reason that I stated. Notice the latest Vortex link that you posted describing “Schizophrenic Catholicism”. He takes the Bishops to task and he nails it but he will not touch the Bishop of Rome, the successor of the first Pope whom Paul confronted to his face. Until he does, and I have been assured that he won’t I think that the crisis in the Church needs an apostolate that will be completely in the fight and not just go up to the Rubicon and refuse to cross. I am not objecting to flawed individuals (I number among those sorts of individuals) but I am objecting to what I perceive to be a flawed policy. Also I don’t know of any news source that I agree with 100% either. The truth is I have disagreed with CMTV here and there over the years and was very disappointed when they jumped on the fun train but I didn’t stop contributing at that time.

Pax et bonum

Charlie said...


I'm puzzled. We're expected to "tithe" funds to our dioceses every year, and yet there are many questions I have about how those funds are used, given the things one sometimes hears about our chancery offices and the way our money is spent. What do we do about that? Stop giving?

Bad analogy, maybe. Still, it seems a bit odd that you might want to start supporting CMTV again if only Voris would begin criticizing the pope.

In fact, just the other day, I did hear him come about as close to that as I've ever heard before. He mentioned, in the context of discussing the confusion that comes from our diocesan chancery offices, that not even the pope always expresses himself very clearly.

Anonymous said...

One of the precepts of the Catholic Church is “contribute to the support of the Church”. When the Catholic Church orders me to jump I ask “how high”? I had been a member of a parish that was somewhat progressive before moving to the Phoenix, AZ Diocese but even there I was able to receive absolution in Confession and The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

There is no precept of the Church which tells me that I must donate to any apostolate. I have no problem with anyone supporting CMTV it is your call.

Pax et bonum,