Sunday, August 24, 2014

Expressing solidarity with Syrian and Iraqi Christian martyrs

I've received a number of inquiries from people wishing to express in some way their solidarity with their fellow Christians in Syria and Iraq being persecuted and martyred for their faith. One such person recently asked where one could purchase a pin or T-shirt or bumper sticker with the Arabic letter 'n' used by ISIS agents to mark houses belonging to "Nazarenes," or Christian, as a warning to convert to Islam or be killed.

When I asked Christopher Blosser, he responded by saying that "the 'Voice of Martyrs' charity (inter-denominational Christian organization) is already doing this (although there are plenty of others, just google-image-search the symbol) or find it on zazzle:"

"If the purpose were to support the martyrs and victims of persecution -- it would probably be preferable to do it via this route, where 50% is going directly to Christians in Iraq.

"VOM’s new i-am-n T-shirt features an image of the Arabic letter “N” similar to those painted on the homes of Christians in northern Iraq by IS (Islamic State). The shirts cost $20 each, and $10 of each purchase will go directly to support our Iraqi brothers and sisters."

Zazzle also has stickers here:


I'm an Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The desire to seek a novel way of showing solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and killed (what's changed in the last 13 centuries?) by the faithful adepts of Mahomet really does not seem to ABS to be a sign of spiritual health.

Substituting an arabic letter (used by the Messias-Deniers) for the Crucifix merely perfects the flummification of this faithful Catholic.

Yeah, it's the meme of the moment...still, why adopt the symbol used by your enemy?

Pertinacious Papist said...

"Meme for the moment." Yeah. I know. But I know that for those of us in Detroit, this has a particular significance. We have probably the largest population of Iraqi Catholics, or Chaldeans, outside of the Middle East, for whom there is a personal connection with what is going on over there.

Furthermore, we have one of the largest populations of Arabs and Muslims outside of the Middle East. Many can read Arabic and will know what this "meme" means.

I put it in the same category as King Christian X of Denmark who, during the Nazi holocaust in Europe, threatened to wear the Jewish Star of David himself if this was forced upon his Jewish subjects. Or in the category of those Muslims in the Middle East who wore this Arabic letter 'n', so that the ISIS militias could not tell which were the real Christians.

Solidarity, dude! Even the "meme of the moment" can express that.