Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy ~ birthday ~ dear ~ EARTH ~ !!

A day late, after the Google graphic, as our undercover correspondent (Guy Noir, PI) points out, this would probably give both NPR and the Vatican Press Office hives, which some might enjoy for that reason alone!

Kevin DeYoung, "Building a Better Earth Day" (TGC, April 22, 2014).

I remember meeting the self-described founder of Earth Day, John McConnell (I believe that was his name) while working in a Swiss hotel 1972-1973 back during my student years. He gave me an "earth flag," and a card with some "earth prayers" on it that struck me was very syncretistic (I would now call it "New Age-y"). He was a kindly old fellow, but his ideas felt soft and mushy, like the stuff of lava lamps and bean bag cushions and hump necklaces with peace sign pendants -- though, to his credit, I can attest that he offered me no weed.


Anonymous said...

This guy isn't the founder of Earth Day?


Pertinacious Papist said...

There are several self-proclaimed "earth-day founders," including the peace activist John McConnell, US Sen. Gaylord Nelson, Denis Hayes, and Ira Samuel Einhorn. I leave it to any reader who cares about this enough to decide whose claims hold most water, if any. For myself, I wash my hands of the whole matter.