Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adventures in Odyssey Meets Smallville

"Anne Rice, call your office." Har!!

"Fox Developing ‘Nazareth’, a Show about Jesus’ Early Life" (Relevant Magazine):
Fox is joining the list of networks creating new original programming centered on the life of Christ. The network has announced that they are developing a new series which will focus on the early life of Jesus. Nazareth will reportedly examine the years between ages 13 and 30, which are not referenced often in the Gospels. Following the massive success of The Bible miniseries, Lifetime, NBC and The History Channel also have new Jesus-centered shows in the works.

Why Fox did not name their show Boy Saves World is anyone's guess ...
First comment in: "Cause that what we need -- heartthrob, teenage Jesus." (Maria-Virginia Deliz)


[Hat tip to JM]

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c matt said...

Unfortunate thing is, it could have been interesting. But with Fox involved, I can only cringe.

I recall one Jesus film showing a short vignette when He was around 8-10 years old, playing with a neighborhood kid. They both pick up some mud, molded it in their hands and then opened them up. The neighbor kid dropped a lump to the ground, Jesus' hands opened, and a bird flew off. The kid's mom was watching from far off, and it freaked her out.

I have to say, that was intriguing.