Sunday, October 27, 2013

Your suggestions & prayers urgently needed

I have been contacted recently by a traditionalist Catholic woman with lymphoma, who is asking for suggestions for audio CDs of prayers.  She is planning ahead for the stages of illness when it may be difficult to pray, and she would like to be prepared by having CDs or something of that sort.

She is still well enough to say her morning prayers, the Rosary, St. Bridgit prayers, evening prayers from a Tridentine Missal, etc.  But she is planning for those conditions that chemo therapy and its side-effects can bring.

Please remember this woman in your prayers (call her "Jane Doe" until and unless I receive permission to disclose her name: God will know who she is).

And if any of you have suggestions as to audio CDs that might work for her, please submit them in the "Comment" box below.

Kind regards,


Nicholas said...

We will raise her up in our Community prayers!


Br. Nicholas Sustin Blackwell, O. Carm.

Nicholas said...

We will raise her up in our community prayers!


Br. Nicholas Dustin Blackwell, O. Carm.