Saturday, October 12, 2013

Generational shifts and fissures

"Point: The Inevitable Pope" (Rorate Caeli, September 27, 2013).

Guy Noir, our private eye correspondent reporting from an Atlantic seaboard city which knows how to keep its secrets, comments:
Yes, exactly yes. What parents allow in moderation their children will live in excess.

To wit, "we are not saying no one is in Hell. No! We are not saying that at all. But we can hope all are saved...."

The result: no preaching about salvation, since what is the point? I'm OK, You're OK is not preached, but it is the upshot.

"We are not saying homosexuality is OK, but we are saying we should not be emphasizing Do's and Don'ts." Acceptance of same sex relationships is not preached, but it is the upshot.

And ironically, even when something IS said, as in Vatican II's "Keep Latin in the Mass!," the vernacular, allowed in moderation, becomes the next generation's default.

Same holds for contraception. Abortion is a bit different, since it is not a lifestyle but a one-time, done in secret thing. Far more dramatic, and far more removed from many.

You would think an institution that claims tradition as part of its lifeblood would know such things all too well. You would almost think there is afoot some sort of inexplicable curse or conspiracy. But that all sounds like talk of the supernatural, right?

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I am not Spartacus said...

Because a wish is father to the thought, the final paragraph of that piece is so crowed with his intellectual progeny that it prevents him from seeing the modernist tree in the revolutionary forest even though it is the tallest tree in that forest.

Bergogljo is who he was as Abp and he does not have the same Faith as do I nor any of the Popes prior to VaticanTwo.