Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Benedict sighting

As Damian Thompson put it: "I know there aren’t two popes, but to see Benedict up close (and apparently thriving) is disorientating as well as delightful, don’t you think?"

[Hat tip to Fr. Z.]


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Prefect for the CDF thinks of Benedict's Marian piety.

I am not Spartacus said...

Catholics, becoming inured to the evil of diminishment by inflation.

Who knows, Bishop Emeritus Ratzinger may still be alive when the current Bishop of Rome abdicates and then, Three Popes; and who could complain for isn't the Trinity about three?

I look forward to a time when the next Bishop of Rome gets together (prolly at Assisi) with all the other Bishops of Rome who have abdicated and we get to see then all on the Syncretist Stage together waxing eloquent about Lutheranism and Mahometanism and Animism, and giving the thumbs-up to the Great Thumb.

It'll be like see a gathering of Ex-Presidents whom, come to think of it, would never abdicate and so their reigns had to be limited by a Constitutional Amendment.

Anyone in favor of a Canon Law forbidding abdication which diminishes a Divinely-Constituted Office to the point where it will soon be beneath the dignity of the damned POTUS?

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder if he is not the "Bishop in White" of which our Lady spoke.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Anonymous. The field of candidates for the Bishop in white is beginning to rival the number of Latin Dancers waiting in the hall outside Madonna's bedroom playing Dominoes to see who gets "next."

When the former Pope abdicated, many began to speculate that he was the Bishop in white - only, the First the Bishop in White was alleged to have been Pope Blessed John Paul II and now, Francis?

John Paul, Benedict, Francis? How many more?

Our first 32 Popes were assassinated simply because they were Catholics and Popes Linus up to and including Pope Miltiades had better reasons to abdicate (a rational expectation of being assassinated) then does Pope Benedict XVI - at least it seems that way to me.

Why would Mary ask the Pope to step-down when she heard Christ-deniers asking her son to step down from the Cross?

We Catholics confess that Our Holy Father is succored by the Holy Ghost to the extent that he can bear all - even that which seems to our human nature to be unbearable.

This revolutionary act bodes ill for all concerned.

Sorry, the Bishop in white suggestion triggered a flashback :)