Tuesday, October 01, 2013

And yet another papal interview, this time with Eugenio Scalfari

Eugenio Scalfari, "The Pope: how the Church will change" (La Repubbllica): Dialogue between Francis and La Repubblica's founder, Eugenio Scalfari: "Starting from the Second Vatican Council, open to modern culture". The conversation in the Vatican after the Pope's letter to La Repubblica: "Convert you? Proselytism is solemn nonsense. You have to meet people and listen to them:
Pope Francis told me: "The most serious of the evils that afflict the world these days are youth unemployment and the loneliness of the old. The old need care and companionship; the young need work and hope but have neither one nor the other, and the problem is they don't even look for them any more. They have been crushed by the present. You tell me: can you live crushed under the weight of the present? Without a memory of the past and without the desire to look ahead to the future by building something, a future, a family? Can you go on like this? This, to me, is the most urgent problem that the Church is facing." Read more >>
[Hat tip to Dr. Monica Miller]

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oollochr"Pope Francis told me..."

This line might become comical if he keeps this up.