Saturday, October 05, 2013

Michael Voris' new tone

I was catching up on some missed episodes of Church Militant TV's "vortex" episodes, and noticed what seems to be a new tone in the host's discussions. If he wasn't sufficiently "offensive" before, he seems to have just decided to take the gloves off completely, as is evident in this latest take-down of Detroit, comparing the bankruptcy of the municipal government with the condition of the local church. He no longer seems concerned with "how to win friends and influence people" (although he's clearly doing that from all indications), but more focused on speaking directly to what he sees as the causes of the current crisis in the Church, even at the cost of exposing local scandals and verging toward naming names. Jeremiah in excelsus:


Anonymous said...

The Communications Dept of the Archdiocese of Detroit has earned the name The Motor City Cobra.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Usually the elephants in the room are the fat broads muckling onto the Chalice so they can chug the Eucharistic Blood of Jesus after the meal is over.