Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Caesar Chavez Day

Well, that's what Google wants to make of March 31st, which would have been Chavez's 86th birthday. That's fine for what it is.

It's not something that gets me all bent out of shape, because I recognize that those at the levers of power in this country and probably about half of our populace is no longer Christian in any substantial sense of the word. In fact, ours has been a post-Christian country for some decades now, and I've gotten "over" that fact long ago.

But this particular day of this particular year is the commemoration of the resurrection of the Creator of the world and King of the universe, whether anyone recognizes it or not. Happy Easter everyone!




First Things has a great post reminding Google that Chavez' political activism -- regardless of what one may think of it -- sprang from his sincerely religious Catholic convictions. Right down to a Lenten procession of penance for the sins of the workers.



Is that who that was? Sheesh I did not even know and ignored it~Christus vincit Christus regnat Christus imperat!

Pertinacious Papist



The Goodle libtards would not have known or cared about that, of course, but the reminder is well taken, much like the reminder the the feminist icon, Susan B. Anthony (on the dollar coin) was an anti-abortionist. We need all the information we can get to counter the low-information mainstream.

I am not Spartacus




"The Goodle libtards" - did Jesus talk like this?