Friday, March 15, 2013

Forbes: Why does Homeland Security need more bullets than would have sustained war in Iraq for 20+ years ... in America?

"1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation" (Forbes, March 11, 2013):
... at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years. In America. (emphasis mine)
It's finally getting a little hard for the mainstream media to ignore this now. It's time for a NATIONAL CONVERSATION indeed.
[Hat tip to A.D., Esq.]


Anonymous said...

What's a national conversation? Will the Americans finally get an embassy in DC?

Pertinacious Papist said...

Will the Americans finally get am embassy in DC?!!

That's a good one!! About sums it up!