Monday, November 07, 2016

"It's the economy, stupid!" It's the Church, Stupid!

All of us have been obsessing over the politics of the presidential election recently, and with good reason: despite the unfavorable ratings of both candidates, what is at stake are radically divergent platforms and visions of America, our country.

I don't want to go into all that now, but just to remind all of us, as I was reminded recently by Michael Voris, that a far more momentous issue is the battle between radically divergent visions of the Church.

As you pray for a positive outcome of the presidential election tonight, please remember also to pray for the Church and her leaders for fidelity to that which the Apostles received from our Lord and passed on to us (to borrow a recurrent locution of St. Paul) and clear-headed resistance to any revisionist agenda aiming to substitute 'another Gospel' for the one we've received from our Lord.

The future of the world, even of our country, depends far more on the 'health' of the Church than on the outcome of any particular presidential election, as important as that may be. If you know your Bible and Church history, you're well aware of that.


Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque said...

Even searching my old Raccolta did not reveal any indulgenced prayer for the Special Snowflake of the Holy See, and so I just pray the real St Michael Prayer that I posted on my crummy blog today.

The Special Snowflake thinks he is winning, Yuge, but when even papolatrists are, finally, up in alarm, we know it is all over but the resolute and repeated denigrating of our Faith.

Doc, have you EVER seen the head of any major organisation who spends so much time trashing his own organisation?

The Special Snowflake clearly does not like the actual One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church he heads but he is silly in love with what he thinks it must become to fit his insane vision of it. He thinks he is guided by the Holy Ghost.


O, I don't mean to say he is not guided by some spirit, it is just not the Holy Ghost who is guiding him.

Dark Horse said...

'Special Snowflake'! LOLROF

Wandell not Wandell said...

Let's face it, Mick, it is the pestilential "Spirit of V2" that is guiding him.