Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Reform of reform" is "an error," says Francis; "True love is not rigid"

"IMPORTANT: In interview, Pope Francis questions Traditional Catholics and their motives; Ends 'Reform of the Reform' for good" (Rorate Caeli, November 11, 2016):
The excerpt is translated by Rorate from the interview published in the past few days in Italy -- the interview was conducted by the editor of the official journal of the Holy See (Civiltà Cattolica), Fr. Antonio Spadaro, SI, as part of a book containing homilies of the Pope when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires:

The simplicity of children makes me also think of adults, with a rite that is direct, participated intensely [translator's note: reference to notion of 'actuosa participatio'], of parish masses experienced with so much piety. What comes to mind are proposals that encourage priests to turn their backs to the faithful, to rethink Vatican II, to use Latin. I ask the Pope what he thinks of this. The Pope answers:

[Pope:] "Pope Benedict accomplished a just and magnanimous gesture [translator's note: the motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum'] to reach out to a certain mindset of some groups and persons who felt nostalgia and were distancing themselves. But it is an exception. That is why one speaks of an 'extraordinary' rite. The ordinary in the Church is not this. It is necessary to approach with magnanimity those attached to a certain form of prayer. But the ordinary is not this. Vatican II and Sacrosanctum Concilium must go on as they are. To speak of a 'reform of the reform' is an error."

I ask him: "Other than those who are sincere and ask for this possibility out of habit or devotion, can this desire express something else? Are there dangers?"

[Pope:] "I ask myself about this. For example, I always try to understand what is behind those individuals who are too young to have lived the pre-Conciliar liturgy, and who want it nonetheless. I have at times found myself in front of people who are too rigid, an attitude of rigidity. And I ask myself: how come so much rigidity? You dig, you dig, this rigidity always hides something: insecurity, at times perhaps something else... [sic] The rigidity is defensive. True love is not rigid."

I insist: what about tradition? Some understand it in a rigid way.

[Pope:] "But no: tradition blooms!" he responds. "There is a Traditionalism that is a rigid fundamentalism: it is not good. Faithfulness instead implies a growth. Tradition, in the transmission from one age to the next of the deposit of the faith, grows and consolidates with the passage of time, as Saint Vincent of Lérins said in his Commonitorium Primum. I read it always in my breviary: 'Ita etiam christianae religionis dogma sequatur has decet profectuum leges, ut annis scilicet consolidetur, dilatetur tempore, sublimetur aetate' (Also the dogma of the Christian religion must follow these laws. It progresses, consolidating with the years, developing with time, deepening with the age.)"

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Rorate's comment (in the form of a Tweet):
St Paul: "The sure foundation of God stands firm"
Pope Francis: "These firm, rigid, Catholics are insecure, and are hiding something!"


Anonymous said...

Young Latin Mass goers are repressed, rigid? Exact same descrip. pagans across the planet make of members of vital campus Christian ministries. People are struggling to be reverent and find something to believe in -- other than 'Serendipty,' social justice, accompaniment, and felt banners -- and not just get drunk or have safe, nonjudgmental sex at World Youth Day, and this is the support they get from the Holy Father?

Even in context, this one is a condescending psychoanalysis that makes Francis sound more like the liberal college professors who try to erode the beliefs of kids from good homes than it does like any sort of self-aware Pope. And the clincher is it's delivered in yet another "interview" where its very inclusion is unnecessary, contrived, and is couched in the same sort of infuriating mutual agreement smugness on display in the US media. When JPII was pope Ignatius Press produced charming book of his quotes entitled "We're own a Mission from God." Francis seems like he is on a mission too. And if I wasn't done with this guy before, I am now. #unfortunatelymypope

Anonymous said...

As Gomer says, "Suprise, Suprise, Suprise!"



le bourgeois gentilhomme said...

Helterskelter I is absolutely right. The Church of V2 and the anti-liturgy bursting from its loins in full ululation are the ordinary. The Roman Catholic Church of the Saints is indeed extraordinary, and the consecrated thugs of the Church of V2 are dedicated to its suppression. The isolation of Summorum Pontificum is the first step toward its abduction, which is being planned as we live and breathe, and will come to pass not too long after Benedict Emeritus has himself passed. All that will remain of Der Panzerkardinal at that point will be his little booklets of kooky theology, a forlorn and forgettable legacy indeed.