Friday, November 11, 2016

If Dad was this easy, would any of us take him seriously?

Jeanne Smits, "French bishop opens door for remarried divorced couples to receive the sacraments" (LifeSiteNews, November 9, 2016).

I know! Maybe we can petition for a reform of the 1983 Code of Canon Law to permit a new canonical status alongside Consecrated Virgins: a Pontifical Institute of Consecrated Divorcées! Who am I to judge? Are there any limits of God's mercy?


Amatuer Brain Surgeon said...

What can one say about a Church that used to detest divorce and remarriage but now lovingly embraces, if not encourages, it?

Well, ABS can say it is an absolute mockery of a monarchial structure that suffers the devil in its midst so that the world may love it and praise its mercy.

Who was it said there could be no concord between Christ and Belial? (2 Corinth)

Well, what'n'hell did that old timer know?

Besides, dogma evolves, doesn't it?

This is the mercy of modern times and the Special Snowflake of The Holy See is courting the devil.

Anonymous said...


No, Jorge worships Lucifer in his heart of hearts!


Anonymous said...

I dunno. This seems like a tempest in a teapot if the last two popes' teachings are to be believed. Did is literally doing backflips to woo us, and I can't imagine he is going to be hard ass towards well-meaning people, you know? See this:

There is no need of justification before God, but instead a head of God to justify the hardships of life to us. Or something like that. Likewise, the "wrath of God" is really just our rebellion, not his anger... Am I tracking correctly, because this seems like an inversion as much s a development of doctrine. Our forefather had it right but also all wrong... Suddenly I get Francis: the whole program if these popes is to get us to not reject our orthodoxy but to update it on our terms. I wonder if they think of us as well-meaning "clingers"?