Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blogging reprieve and slow-down

Just a heads-up about what's going on with my slowed-down blogging schedule. There are a number of things converging to make the next two months (possibly more, but at LEAST the next two months) very busy for me. I won't trouble you with the details here, but just to say that I know that I've already been on a somewhat reduced blogging schedule and you will certainly be seeing even less of me the next two months: part of it is job related; another part is church related; another part is family related; and another part is related to our recent fund-raiser (thank you again, for your great generosity). I should probably be retired, but feel like I've had two full-time jobs and have just been asked to take on another. Say a Hail Mary for me.

What you will continue to see, I hope, are my weekly posting of local Tridentine Mass schedules, Tridentine Community News columns, and Fr. Perrone's weekly columns (as long as I can afford the time to transcribe these).


bill bannon said...

Tobias may have a large piece of your answer. Chapter 1 praises him and includes this: " And because he was mindful of the Lord with all his heart, God gave him favour in the sight of Salmanasar the king." Yet Tobias prays in chapter 3 in such-wise that it seems he is guilty of sins at the subliminal level wherein a psalm prays,
" cleanse me from my hidden sins". In any event, it is in Tobias in the Duoay Rheims
that a remarkable concept is stated in the trifold concept of mercy, truth, judgement below as happening in all moments from God..

3-1 Then Tobias sighed, and began to pray with tears, [2] Saying: Thou art just, O Lord, and all thy judgments are just, and all thy ways mercy, and truth, and judgment: [3] And now, O Lord, think of me, and take not revenge of my sins, neither remember my offenses, nor those of my parents. [4] For we have not obeyed thy commandments...

In chapter 2 he is blinded by swallow dung falling in his eyes but the verses clearly have him innocent and compare him to Job. Is there punishment for the innocent because only Mary was absent the hidden sins of the psalm mentioned above and of venial sin. Complex indeed. If you are in a car crash, is it mercy and the truth of what must happen but also judgement on your venial and hidden sins?...despite your being innocent of mortal sin and zealous like Tobias in works?

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