Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Humor: POTUS Trump

The irrepressible Amateur Brain Surgeon, known for his sometimes dark humor, has posted a darkly piece entitled "POTUS Trump. It is a matter of justice." (Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque, October 31, 2016): 

POTUS Trump. It is a matter of justice.

It is a matter of justice that those of us who refuse to vote should end-up with a POTUS who might very well publicly insult some other head of state:
Merkel is a fat ugly idiot.
On a trip to some Latin America country: You call this a country? I’ve see bigger garbage scows, believe me, and I’ll tell you another thing; the garbage scow smelled better.
At a formal White House Dinner: Can we get a high chair for this little Japanese Ambassador? 
because as the national politicians drag us down into Hell, we ought to be able to derive some humorous pleasure out of it, even if it is only a certain form of black humor.

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Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque said...

Thanks for the boost Doc.

What a time to be alive. A Career Criminal Collectivist and a Yuge progressive narcissist compete for The POTUS while over in Rome we have Franciscus as The Holy See Special Snowflake causing many to ask - Is the Pope Lutheran?

Surely, all of this is just cause to abandon the no-drinking-on-a-school-night rule.

So, as Barney Frank so often heard in the past, Bottom's up.