Saturday, August 27, 2016

"The Language of Love in Qur'ān and Gospel"

Gordon Nickel, "The Language of Love in Qur'ān and Gospel" (Academia) - thorough, scholarly, helpful:
"This study [demonstrates] that there are indeed significant differences between the materials on love in the Qur'ān and Gospel, both in language and theology. It is not simply a matter of different meanings being expressed by the scriptural terminology of love in New Testament Greek and Qur'ānic Arabic. Rather, the difference extends to the characterization of relationships which are envisioned to exist among God and people."
[Hat tip to E.E.]


James Joseph said...

This is a topic I introduce nearly everytime Islam is broached. Truly I do so to give a plain clear definition of love, and then show how remarkable of a difference there is. Many folks are unaware of love nevermind that there are worldviews that specifically deny love as good. Here I am thinking of the Far East and Islam. I am impressed to see someone pick up on this. I am impressed because most folks who write seem not to have the wit.

Brian Edward Miles said...