Saturday, August 20, 2016

Putin vs. Obama: Who Occupies the High Ground?

Michael Matt, "Putin vs. Obama: Who Occupies the High Ground?" (The Remnant, August 20, 2016).

I realize this is anathema to the majority of both right- and left- wing US media. Russia is, in the public mind, the remnant of what Reagan called "the evil empire." Still, I have no idea why the U.S. is positioning its nuclear weapons increasingly closer to Russia and the Ukraine. Yes, I know about the amassing of Russian troops there. But that's hardly unprovoked. I frankly don't know what to think about Putin. I know of his nefarious KGB connections. I also know of his ostensible Christian connections and defense of public virtue. My hunch is that the chief reason he is demonized by the Western media is not because of the skeletons in his closet but because, like Trump, he is not 'owned' by the corporate interests of the international globalist financiers, like George Soros.

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Michael Leahy said...

Saint Pope John Paul II's consecration of Russia (was it in 1984?), may not have been perfect, but look what has happened. We have all witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Superpower and its satellites, a phenomenon which hasn't truly been grasped yet. Putin seems to have genuinely rescued Russia from the nefarious grip of the rapacious oligarchs who opportunistically exploited the country via Yeltsin. The Orthodox Church does seem to be undergoing a real renaissance. Significantly, Gorbachev seems to have converted. There is a hint that he and Raisa may have secretly been Christian all along. Perhaps Putin was too.

The problem now appears to be that Russia's errors are doing their worst now in the West. It is we who need Consecration.