Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A quick look at ISIS' and al Queda's slick propaganda magazines: Dabiq and Inspire

You can download any of the first 15 issues of ISIS' magazine Dabiq [pictured above] HERE [PDF files]. Very telling. This is a serious magazine with articles on everything from Muslim theology to current events. Glossy color photos. A consistent, seamless Islam promoting terror for non-Muslims. Ugh.

Al Queda's counterpart, Inspire magazine [pictured above] features issues devoted to subjects like "assassination" outlining strategies intended to 'inspire' acts of terrorism. PDF files are also available online, and HERE is an an article by Wikipedia on the magazine.

See also Church Militant's panel discussion of these magazines and "The True Face of Islam" on their program Download HERE.

Any Muslim or non-Muslim who claims that Islam is a "religion of peace" has a major challenge on his hands in the face of these magazines and their stated views.

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