Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Catholic journalist & lawyer argue case for "Trumping Hillary"

Decisive issues for Catholics touched upon:
  • Deceit of Rino Republicans
  • Moral reasoning: principle of double effect vs. lesser of two evils
  • Post-Christian America
  • Slowing down civilizational collapse
  • Immigration crisis
  • Islamic terrorism
  • National security
  • Second Amendment as means of resisting nanny state & big government
  • Religious freedom
  • Education, Home schooling, Common Core, federal regulation
  • Globalism & New World Order
  • Supreme Court appointments
  • Legal positivism and legislating justices
  • Obergefell & same-sex 'marriage'
  • Abortion on demand
  • Overturning of the Johnson Amendment

Catholic millennials discuss 2016 Presidential Election (New Catholic Generation)

Daniel Amon, "Never Hillary: A Catholic Democrat's Wake-Up Call" (Fetzen Fliegan, August 8, 2016).


Anonymous said...

It's time to retire the RINO label. If there's every been a "Republican in Name Only", it's Donald Trump, and yet he's been embraced. Thus clearly people don't particularly care about philosophy, ideological purity, or even what positions someone takes on the issues, and RINO is a useless label.

Anonymous said...

Blosser embraces Trump? A marriage made in hell.

Catholic Mission said...

...there still is the problem of the SSPX.

AUGUST 19, 2016

No denial from the SSPX: dogmas and doctrine changed

There has been no denial of my report last week titled 'SSPX has changed dogmas and doctrine' posted on this blog, Gloria TV and other media in English and Italian.
Nor was there any criticism of my doctrinal and theological position when I affirm extra ecclesiam nulla salus( Feeneyite), Vatican Council II( Feeneyite), Catechism of the Catholic Church ( Feeneyite) and the Nicene Creed ( Cushingite).Theologically for me there are no exceptions to the teachings on the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation.
The SSPX instead affirms extra ecclesiam nulla salus (Cushingite), Vatican Council II( Cushingite),Catechism of the Catholic Church ( Cushingite)and the Nicene Creed ( Cushingite).For the SSPX there are exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS)and so there are exceptions to the teachings on the Social Reign of Christ the King.
I explained my pro-Vatican Council II Catholic beliefs and defined my terms.Here they are again with the SSPX position.The SSPX doctrinal position is firstly irrational. The irrationality creates a false and non traditional conclusion. The result is heresy.


Pertinacious Papist said...

Perhaps it's natural for readers to jump to conclusions even where the logic isn't compelling. I recognize the reality and importance of the issues Matt and Ferrara address in this video; but I also am cognizant of Ferrara's caviat, " ... if you BELIEVE Trump ..." My own position is probably a log closer to that of Voris in this video: (Notice Voris says the end of the world "as we know it".) I'm even a lot less sanguine than Ferrara. I think the United States as a 'republic' was lost upwards of a decade ago, and that only a few people have even begun to realize it lately. These are awful times we live in, and the thing that matters most is seeing to your own and your family's spiritual welfare. There's not much in terms of wellbeing in this life that can be hoped for anymore, except ephemeral consolations. No matter who 'wins' in November, we're all in the process of 'losing' big time. A reasonably good book on the matter is John Horvat II's RETURN TO ORDER. The upshot of his book is far from happy-clappy too. Bye-bye, American pie ...

le bourgeosie gentilhomme said...

Trump in fact comes closer to traditional republican positions than any of those who opposed him in the primaries. Those others mirrored the positions of the Bush family, who are the essence of what used to be called liberal republicans, or in the worst cases, "Rockefeller republicans."

Rockefeller republicans did not vanish after their leader shuffled off his mortal coil while making sweet sweet love to a woman less than half his age, spread-eagled across the perfumed boudoir of his, er, business desk. They are still around, especially in the northeast, only now they call themselves Reagan, or Kemp conservatives. They are phony in every sense of the word, and their natural allies are the so-called neo-conservatives, who are in many cases ex-democrats who lost control of their party with the ascendency of McGovernite radical populism. Rockefeller republicans embraced their soul brothers, who include such luminaries as the late Irving Kristol and his rumdum son Bill, and the Bush family of morons provided the "presidential timber."

And let's not forget another rich boy with a stupid nickname, Mitt Romney. His father George was Rockeller's most reliable ally. George, who of course coveted the nomination himself, detested Goldwater, and threatened to walk away from the party if he was nominated. Mitt detests Trump, and threatens to do the same, thus continuing another rino family tradition of desertion of one's erstwhile allies when one does not get his way.

This is the essence of rinoism. It springs mostly from the blue states of the northeast. It has money more than numbers, but money is more powerful than numbers in the ordinary scheme of things. They have been remarkably successful in shilling the rubes by redefining the word "conservatism" to suit their own purposes. Right now Trump, even with his boobishly erratic behavior and liberal social positions, is all that remains of genuine republicanism, if anyone out there is interested in that anymore.

The problem with Trump, aside from his inability to speak in complete sentences, is not the positions he espouses, but the depth of his commitment to them.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Your illuminating comments are always most welcome, lbg! O tempora, O mores!