Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Steve Skojec: "Once you see it, you can't unsee it"

Picking up where he left off in his 2004 post in which he pled with readers to "Take the Red Pill," Steve Skojec once again examines the relationship between appearance and reality in the Church in, "Out of the Rabbit Hole" (1P5, May 6, 2016).

[Hat tip to JM]


Catholic Mission said...

The problem is that Steve still does not see it.Neither does the SSPX!

Then the liberals and Masons would have a problem with Vatican Council II and not the SSPX.It is Pope Francis who would feel uncomfortable with the traditionalist Council : Doctrinally the Vatican is in error but the SSPX bishops and priests, are not aware of it

Poor Yorick said...

Hilary White - I'd forgotten about her. Very sharp lady. Her narrative of awakening from the lie of Catholic conservatism rings true with my own experiences along those lines during a similar timeframe, though I would prefer the plot of "Total Recall" as metaphorical model to that of the "Matrix" trilogy, which I have never been able to watch for more than about 10 minutes at a time without thinking about a quiffed-up Broadway musical and reaching compulsively for the remote. Sort of a Ring trilogy for folks who wake up wondering which rest room they should use today. Anyway, Skojec deserves thanks for restoring her to the consciousness of at least a few of us, at least for a little while.

Catholic Mission said...

The Vatican is not permitting the FSSP priests to affirm the traditional teaching on salvation.The prohibition will be extended to the SSPX

Paleo Whatever said...

I have a t-shirt with the declaration "Everything you know is wrong" printed on the front. Sort of an anthem with me. I wear it to novus ordo hoedowns occasionally. As a Catholic whose Church has been stolen out from under him by crypto-universalists, and as a political conservative whose "conservatism" has been stolen out from under him by a gaggle of Bush family retainers consisting of former democrats reinventing themselves as "neo-conservatives," I feel I have abundant justification.

As a modest thought exercise, consider the following from Pat Buchanan:

"Who are they, the neoconservatives?

"The first generation were ex-Trotskyites, socialists, leftists, and liberals who backed FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ. When the Democratic party was captured by McGovern in 1972 -- on a platform of cutting defense and 'Come home America!' -- these Cold War liberals found themselves isolated and ignored in their own party. Adrift, they rafted over to the Republican party and were pulled aboard as conservatism's long voyage was culminating in the triumph of Reagan. Neoconservatives were the boat people of the McGovern revolution that was itself the political vehicle of the moral, social, and cultural revolutions of the 1960s."

Thus was isolationism and hard-nosed Americanism of traditional conservatism's foreign policy replaced by the chronic internationalism, alliance-forging, and empire-building of the neoconservative democrat party refugees. Thus was America's manufacturing job base frittered away by neoconservatives, in dalliance with Clinton democrats, in order to promote "free trade" economic alliances -- the price of the empire's political alliances.

Now turn to the stealing of the Catholic Church by modernists within the Church -- the product of decades of slow infiltration culminating in the putsch of V2. Bush I and JP2-Ratzinger were more than political allies: they were both "neoconservatives" within their own spheres. Clinton and Bush II were bad and worse extensions of Bush I policies: the 1992, 1996 and 2000 elections, especially, were hoaxes, unless you believe that Frick and Frack are candidates of viable opposition.

Similarly, John, Paul, John-Paul, and Benedict were Frick and Frack popes, despite the efforts of disingenuous hagiographers like George Weigel to suggest otherwise.

Too much here for even a long blog comment. But I suggest you consider these parallels, however odd they may seem to you at first blush. In the meantime I prayerfully await Pope The Donald I, the Great Restorer, the long-awaited successor of the blessed Mastai-Ferretti papacy.

I plan to buy another t-shirt soon, this one with the declaration, "Let the neo be anathema." Maybe a coffee mug too.

Catholic Mission said...

So what is Steve to do ?

Pertinacious Papist said...

Paleo or under whatever the hell name,

It's always good to hear from you. A crack in the nihilist black wall, a glimmer of light, a giggle of delight amidst the gloom. Always welcome. Hey, that was nearly a Haiku!!