Friday, April 08, 2016

St Thomas Aquinas House: A traditional Catholic religious community of men in the Archd. of Detroit

Fr. Z reports this on his blog, commenting:
From a priest friend who passed this along to me:
Would you please ask Fr. Z if he might be willing to feature our new experimental, extraordinary form community on his web blog? We have Archbishop Vigneron’s endorsement for now, but need to grow. I think something like this happening in Detroit will be big news for a lot of people.

Our website is as follows:
Brick by brick, friends.
One of our former seminarians is a member of this community and once invited me to Vespers and dinner at their center in metro Detroit. I must say that I was as impressed with their culinary expertise as much as I was with their Vespers in chanted Latin. Beautiful!


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The Brick By Brick Bund is recycling the mantra.

But when a nuclear pope detonates, the bricks are blowed-up.

Maybe we should read Franciscus through Pope John XXII

Robert Allen said...

Brick by brick, indeed. And in the brick that is the Archdiocese of Detroit, the liturgist seminarians at STAH provide hope for a return to full pews of the faithful worshiping in Spirit and Truth. If you are looking for solid instruction in the Faith for your children, they are also the go-to catechists in this area. (Brother Michael is doing a fantastic job a preparing our daughter for Confirmation and I can’t thank him enough for the care he took readying our beloved future son-in-law for his reception into the Church on Holy Saturday.) Learned and articulate, I pity the modernist who challenges their understanding of the Magesterium. Now if only I could persuade them to read a little more St. Anselm, we’d be all set. RFGA, Ph.D.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Dr. Allen. It is to be hoped that what you are describing increases and flourishes for it will expose to the locals (who prolly already know) the difference twixt Tradition and the Anthropocentrism which is the quicksand into which the Shadow Church Universal (Shadow lacking substance) is sinking and disappearing.