Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Retired Corpus Christi Bishop Rene Gracida: A virus invaded the Catholic Church in the wake of Vatican II

An especially interesting interview because of his remarks comparing the old and new forms of the liturgy:


Chuck Martelowski said...

Here's the part of this interview to remember: V2 as the "council of the false spirit."



Do you understand what that means? Does Voris?

Bp Gracida in that phrase does not stoop to the face-saving spin that places the meltdown AFTER the council, thus absolving its participants of responsibility. That is the dodge of most "conservative" commentators, such as Joseph Ratzinger, to whom Gracida is unnecessarily generous.

The truth, from which Gracida does not here shrink, is that the council WAS the meltdown.

The calamity of the later sixties and the seventies did not pop up out of nowhere. It popped up out of the council which fomented it. The continuing crisis flourishes because hokum such as Ratzinger's "reform of the reform" doubletalk abets disease while pretending to cure it. The ghastly current pope would have horrified Catholics in 1950. It has taken over fifty years of the false spirit to make him possible.

Because most Catholic commentators of the present day are either intellectually castrated by the compulsion to grovel before authority, or are themselves fellow-travelers with the false spirit, the utter common sense of Gracida's statements is effectively suppressed. There are too many faux-Catholics and they are enjoying it far too much.

Marcel Ghost said...

Vatican II *was/is* that virus.