Saturday, April 30, 2016

Madrid archbishop bans Cardinal Müller from university because new book is "against the Pope"

From the Eponymous Flower (April 28, 2016):
(Madrid) Pope's confidant as a censor? Madrid Archbishop Carlos Osoro Sierra forbade Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the faith of the Catholic Church, to present his latest book "Informe sobre la esperanza" (State of Hope) at the Catholic University of San Dámaso present in Madrid. The reasoning? Because it was "a book against the pope."


In Madrid, the Spanish capital, the presentation was to take place at the Archdiocesan University San Dámaso, which doubles as a seminary of the Archdiocese of Madrid. But Archbishop Osoro banned the book launch. He wanted "nothing to do with a book against the pope" said Infovaticana.


Michael Leahy said...

According to CNA, in an article from the time of his appointment in 2014, he is very orthodox and considered not to be a progressive. The whole mess is very confusing.

Anonymous said...

" he is very orthodox and considered not to be a progressive"

So was/is Schonborn. Stew on that one.

Ivan said...

There seems to have been a change: