Thursday, April 21, 2016

For the record: a thermonuclear response to Amoris Laetitia

Christopher A. Ferrara, "Amoris Laetitia: Anatomy of a Pontifical Debacle" (Remnant, April 18, 2016), collates reactions on all sides, from Cardinal Burke to Eduardo Echeverria; offers reflection on having to "sift the good from the bad -- again"; then a detailed analysis of Amoris Laetitia, chs. 1-7("Intimations of Subversion"); a penetrating and exhaustive critique of ch. 8 ("An Essay in Subversion"); and, finally, a Conclusion ("Damage Assessment"). Read it and weep.


Catholic Mission said...

If we eliminate the 'known exceptions' theory, Cardinal Marx and Cardinal Kasper would have to admit that there is no change in doctrine : Vatican Council II supports the 16th century Jesuit missionaries

The new theology was used to justify liberal dispensations and annulments.This is the practical 'exceptions factory' that we all know of: Amoris Laetitia officially approves this

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Many soi disant traditionalists think it is time the Pope be declared a heretic and deposed if he does not repent of his heresies. The Remnant had run many pieces about this.

That will never happen. We will have Our Pope and Our Cross until death (or retirement) do us part.

Just try and imagine a handful of Bishops or Gelato-Wearers starting to move against him; he'd excommunicate them in a heart beat and there goes their cushy jobs with all the perps. No, there will be no move made against Franciscus because the Prelature fears him more than they fear Jesus Christ.

Look at Kasper or any other heretical cardinal of bishop you can think of. Who has ever excommunicated the likes of them? Nobody. Men like Kasper are not silenced in the Shadow Church, they are rewarded for their perfidy and the ecclesiastical quid quo pro is nobody goes against the Pope

Anonymous said...

It may be considered "thermonuclear" within the tiny little leper colony of Catholic traditionalists. No one else will hear of it, much less read it.

AL is nothing less than the Gospel of the Beatles, and EVERYBODY loves the Beatles!

AL solidifies Pope Helterskelter I's cred with popular culture. JP2 may have been a rock star. But Helterskelter has become an icon. He is to soft pudgy Protestant-Catholicism what Timothy Leary was to hallucinogens.

Parish priests will love AL. It is the justification of pastoral sloth for which they have been longing.

Roly-poly "converts" are enjoyin' AL because it dovetails with their own protestant convictions that the Church is whatever the congregation says it is.

AL is not merely a document. AL is an EVENT. Synod + AL = V2 council + V2 documents! That is the algebra at work here.

Listen real hard. Do you hear the flushing sound yet?

Carl said...

The reaction of conservative Catholics to AL is both admirable and pathetic.

It is admirable because of the genuine concern and zeal of those exchanging fevered emails, phone calls, and discussions about how infelicitous this or that detail of the Pope's interpretation of Aquinas or of John Paul II or of canon law may be.

It is pathetic because their discussions are like those of a team of make-up artists summoned to the bedside of a patient slowly expiring of cancer who busy themselves with whether a bit more blush applied to the cheeks may restore a healthy complexion.

Batten down your hatches. We're screwed.

jfm said...

I think Carl is right. We have struggled to live with and explain Vatican II for so long that t's the new normal, and many (most?) don't understand this is just one more development of doctrine along the graph line. Old theological categories have been pretty much deep-cleaned out of official deliberations, the Church is obsessed with committees and commissions and polices versus preaching, the postconciliar popes have canonized four of their circle an in effect thus canonized the new trajectory, we now have a papacy from which men can retire at will, and postmodern EverythingisTheSame-ism has marinated in Vatican chambers long enough now that talk of normalizing the SSPX can be broached without it meaning any significant in any direction, just as recognizing the Old Mass can turn out to be a fading series of blips in nobler precincts. But I am just a crank. Parts of the exhortation A.L. are downright lyrical and poetic, right? Likewise parts of those two fat volumes spine-stamped VATICAN II. And maybe it really is time to stop titling Church documents in latin, since even the authors can't read anymore, and it now simply lends traditionalist street red to what are now essentially festschrifts to the Nouvelles.