Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Positive role of faithful Catholic clergy, laity, & media in the Synod

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BenYachov said...

Michael Voris apologizes & re-condemns Pope bashing.


I think I am going to start liking this guy.

Also that little Batman punch special effect in the "Positive role of faithful Catholic etc" video attached to this post touches my inner Batman geek.


Additional: IMHO maybe Voris is being a little hard on himself reporting on Cardinal Burke's criticism of the Pope. That isn't exactly Pope Bashing. By Voris' own standards, thought layman should not publicly criticize the Pope, Bishops and Cardinals have that right according to him.

Additional Additional:

The video attached to this post teaches us that
Orthodox Catholics do have to get off their duffs and get out there and fight the liberal media.

My generation was taught about Vatican II by the editorial page of the NYT. I might as well learned Trinitarian Theology form Fr. Arius.

Orthodox Bishops might be more brave if we get out their and support them.