Monday, July 07, 2014

Prayer request update

First, your prayers have been answered for my friend who had to move to Metro-Detroit and find housing and arrange for schooling for the kids all within about two weeks.

Thank you heartily.

Second, I request prayers for another friend (whom we'll call 'R'), who is a convert of several years to the one true Faith. R is from an Evangelical background, and has not only found lacking the lively and enthusiastic expressions of faith that R experience in Evangelicalism but a distinct absence of real belief in the Catholic Faith. R attends a parish where the priest is an AmChurch liberal, doesn't believe in the Devil, interprets Scripture according to the canons of liberal Protestant demythologizing that has infected Catholic biblical studies for the past several decades. R is thinking of returning to an Evangelical church. I have spoken with R at length. Please pray for R. Much of the experience desolation is very real, the the desire to revert somewhat understandable. But, as I reminded R, the "Church" is an article of faith in our creeds. We don't just believe in Jesus and the Bible, but in His Church; and He has no more than one spouse.

Third, please continue your prayers for me, as you are given occasion to remember me. The situation regarding our home is still a disaster, and I must have upwards of 6 contractors with whom I have been in negotiation over the last weeks. Please pray specifically that the state will permit us to re-build the existing septic system rather than a new one that would require a high-tech electronic system costing well over $10K. The other related issue concerns a water spillage from a dishwasher malfunction in February that has led to major floor and sub-floor problems, warping, and mold infestation. Here I am appealing the case to our insurance company which initially refused coverage. Here, too, the contractor estimates run upwards of $10K, and possibly more.

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bill bannon said...

Will indeed pray.