Saturday, July 19, 2014

For the record: changes never called for by the Church

Michael Voris has been recently compiling a list of changes in the Church that were never mandated by Vatican II, changes against which he sees (and represents) a perhaps yet small but increasingly significant "Catholic uprising." I started listing these changes in the first of several video episodes in which he offered partial listings. He states that his complete list includes 60 or more topics, which the establishment Catholic media has not touched because it considers them too controversial.

Since I find these sorts of lists interesting, I compile them for my own later reference. Here is the incomplete list I have so far. Maybe someone can point me to a more complete listing in time.
  1. Communion in the hand
  2. Altar girls
  3. Priests facing the people
  4. Gregorian chant insisted upon by V2
  5. Eucharistic ministers
  6. Protestant music in Mass
  7. Use of Latin in Mass insisted on by V2
  8. Movement of tabernacles from center of altars
  9. Smashing of Catholic art and architecture
  10. Near disavowal of confession
  11. Near total absence of the promotion of devotional life
  12. Parish youth ministries neglecting and/or rejecting Catholic doctrine
  13. Parish adult religious education neglecting Catholic doctrine
  14. Destruction of Catholic education in parishes
  15. Catholics leading the way on gay marriage approval
  16. Refusal to enforce Canon 915 - to pro-aborts
  17. Orthodox seminarians being carefully monitored, or not ordained or delayed
  18. "Gay Masses" in many dioceses with the bishops' knowledge
  19. CCHD financial support for pro-abortion and pro-contraception groups
  20. CRS giving donations to Obama campaign
  21. Homosexual or homosexual-friendly clergy
  22. Enormous resistance to the Traditional Latin Mass by bishops and priests
  23. Non-stop emphasis on "earthly" matters like immigration and gun-control
  24. Failure to preach against contraception


c matt said...

Related to 1, but somewhat separate: Communion standing, not kneeling.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

#25 might be the ripping out of communion rails.

Ah but you see, all of these things were part of the "Spirit of V2," so exquisitely sensitive to "the signs of the times." And as the leaders of the aggiornamento pointed out time and time again, it is the SPIRIT of the council that matters, the SPIRIT for which the letter is but a mere bouquet of forget-me-nots.

Some of these leaders, most famously our Pope Emeritus, were so appalled by the SPIRIT that they backtracked from its consequences and suddenly became advocates of the idea that the LETTER of the council -- the 16 documents-- was the glorious END of the reform, rather than the dismal beginning. But this is disingenuous. Ratzinger was a purveyor of the SPIRIT at one time, and however he might like to be able to forget that now, he cannot escape the fact that the progressives have the better part of a rather harrowing argument: the vaguely diplomatic letter of the council cannot be separated from the revolutionary spirit for which it was a cover. LETTER AND SPIRIT CAME FROM THE SAME PEOPLE!! As the progressive historian John O'Malley wrote, "Vatican II intended to make some fundamental changes in the way the Church operates and that those changes, should they be put into practice, would do much to address our current situation and give us confidence in the future. Perhaps the main reason [the entire "Spirit of V2" agenda has] not been put into practice is that the radical nature of the council has never been accepted or understood. Vatican II, for all its continuity with previous councils [!!], was unique in many ways but nowhere more than in its call for an across-the-board change in church procedures, or, better, in church style." [brackets Ralph's]

Hang on to your hat, Voris. The progressives finally have the right "STYLE" of pope at the right time, and no one of consequence to oppose them. Pray for a Lepanto, because that is what it will take.