Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Douthat: "Against Walter Kasper (II)"

Interesting. Guy Noir suggests it's as if Douthat writes:
Dear Roman leaders who like to act like social action is for everyone while theology is for pinheads:
"...[R]ight or wrong, good or evil, merciful or destructive, the Kasper proposal is not a minor tweak to Catholic discipline: It’s a depth charge, a change pregnant with further changes, an alteration that could have far more sweeping consequences than innovations (married priests; female cardinals) that might seem more radical on their face.

"For reasons of theology, sociology, and simple logic, admitting the remarried to communion has the potential to transform not only Catholic teaching and Catholic life, but the church’s very self-understanding. These are the real stakes in this controversy; these are the terms, here and in Rome, on which it needs to be debated." Read more >>
[Hat tip to JM]

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