Sunday, July 06, 2014

Parody of NYC St. Francis of Assisi church's Gay Pride “All Are Welcome” hymn

After the not-so-friendly welcome Michael Voris received at the pre-Gay Pride Day Mass at St. Francis of Assisi church in Manhattan last weekend, the following version of that church's "All Are Welcome" hymn was created by the Al Pacino of la cosa nostra tradizione cattolica over at "Gay Friendly Ain't So Friendly" (Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II, July 2, 2014):


rubyroad said...

"Al Pacino of - - -." YES!😍

JM said...

This is why all the taking offense over taking offense at, "If you are gay and Catholic and seeking the Lord, who am I to judge?" is total bull. The comment would be 100% valid if the Church existed in another reality. But given the situation on the ground, either the Holy Father has no clue, or the statement is scandalous. Either option is unsettling no molter how concerted the contrary spin. At least in my judgement!