Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vetran EF emcee on what it takes to get and sustain an EF Mass

David L. Alexander, "The Latin Mass: Why You Can't Have It" (Man with black hat, September 12, 2014).

"Well, you can, actually ... Every major reform of the Church began in two ways; from among the laity, and through personal reform. We must, at the end of the day, be the solution within ourselves that we seek from others."



Tantumblogo said...

You know, he makes some valid points, but also obfuscates quite a bit. He presents two scenarios for availability of diocesan TLM as "normal:" one diocese with a few not well attended TLMs, and another diocese with many more slightly better attended TLMs. Neither represent the median or "normal" Catholic diocese in this country, which is this: you get no TLM. You get nothing. There is no Latin NO, there is no TLM. That situation still applies to roughly half the dioceses in this country. So pretending because a couple of dioceses have several TLMs, and these aren't spectacularly well attended, that really the problem rests more with traditional attitudes.....please.

How about Dallas? We have one TLM parish and its the largest in the world. Over a thousand souls every Sunday. Don't you think that ought to occasion maybe another TLM other than the FSSP "ghetto?" I know souls who assist at SSPX because the FSSP is too far away. I could go on, but hopefully the point is made. There was some valid counsel at the link, but also a large number of straw men.

Jake said...


What's the name of the large TLM parish in Dallas?