Sunday, June 15, 2014

R. C. Sproul salutes St. Thomas Aquinas!

The reason this is noteworthy is because R.C. Sproul is one of those intrepid Calvinist intellectuals who remains undaunted by contemporary ecumenical overtures: unlike J.I. Packer, he refused to sign on to the 1994 ecumenical document, Evangelicals and Catholics Together. He remains unapologetically and vociferously anti-Catholic. Yet credit where credit is due: in a recent lengthy article, he conceded that St. Thomas Aquinas is probably the most brilliant of all the theologians in Church history. "So who was the most brilliant ever? I don’t know. I know the question cannot be raised without the name of Thomas Aquinas being brought to the fore. And I know that he deserves my salute." But there's much more worth reading in the details of his piece. Read more >>

Someone should do a study of recent Evangelical and Reformed scholarship on St. Thomas Aquinas. As popularity of the Angelic Doctor has sadly waned among Catholics since the 1960s, conservative Protestants appear to be discovering him in droves. Some of these discoveries have yielded conversions. Regardless, it is a phenomenon that warrants some attention.

[Hat tip to JM]

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