Saturday, June 29, 2013

NY moves to protect baby-killers from dangers of pro-lifers

Rick Karlin, Pro-choice lobbyist cites danger to donors in winning exemption (, June 26, 2013):
One of the most outspoken lobbying groups in the state has been given an exemption to donor disclosure rules after saying the information could put its contributors in danger.

NARAL Pro Choice NY is so far the sole recipient of a disclosure exemption under new lobbyist donor rules now in effect.
Meanwhile, pro-life ND Governor Jack Dalrymple received death threats this year, and Princeton University pro-life professor Robert George and Fr. Frank Pavone received death threats from supporters of pro-baby-killers last year. Yet pro-life groups receive no such exemption for donor disclosures. If you Google "violence" or "bomb threat" or "murder" together with "abortion," about all you will turn up is articles about the grave threat posed by pro-life groups (now listed as potential "terrorist" groups), but virtually nothing about pro-choice violence against pro-lifers. To get a sense of how distorted the typical media presentation of comparative pro-life and pro-choice violence is, the following site provides ample well-documented grist for the mill:

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