Friday, June 28, 2013

Fr. Z on the clandestine Vatican underground

As my source for Fr. Z's reflection states: "It's not the stuff of conspiracy theorists--even if the mainstream Catholic media likes to write it off as such."

Fr. Z. writes:
There is an especially awful story about clergy in Rome circulating right now.

Once upon a time, I was walking under the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square with an especially well-placed curial official, nay rather, institution.

I asked him if it were true that Masons (the European style Masons, not the US style) had infiltrated the Church and the Roman Curia.

He stopped and looked around. He leaned in, lowered his voice, and said, “Yes. But they are not the ones people talk about.”

Many years ago, also in Rome, I stayed for a while at the Czech College. They were almost paranoid when it came to outsiders. Eventually, someone told me that when they did some renovations of rooms, they found listening devices planted in the walls. They had been infiltrated by seminarians that were actually working for government agencies.

Also in Rome, I lived for a couple summers at a Ukrainian Catholic residence when my own place was under renovation. Some of these old guys had survived Stalin. There was a concern that KGB plants would manage to get in.

For a long time in certain circles there was a great concern that Masons, communists and homosexuals had systematically infiltrated the Church for the purpose of eventually attaining high positions and influence and so under mine or twist the Church and her mission from within.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of you may be sputtering, “You don’t believe any of this, do you? Even though you obviously hate Vatican II, do you buy this stuff?”

I do buy it, yes.

But when I hear about scandalous stories involving Church figures, I tend to shrug. They are only the very edge of a slimy underbelly. Sin isn’t rare.

On the other hand ...

There are those who hate the Church with as much hate as we love the Church. They are organized, they have a great resources, they have a Dark Prince. Dreadful liberal publications and websites, and even the blitherings of some priests and bishops, are only shadows of the deeper agenda flickered out on the back of the cave for popular consumption by barely witting dupes.

Deeper enemies, like our own beautiful missionaries and martyrs of ages past, are willing to set aside their appetites, put on a facade, and endure for patient years for the sake of a long term plan.

Yes, I buy it. I have seen manifestations of communist, Masonic, and especially homosexual networking in the Church both in the USA and in Rome. It would be stupidly naive to think that it isn’t present. In the USA, Masonic and communist? Maybe not so much. Elsewhere, yes. The other thing? Ohhhh, yes.

Those agents will probably go to Hell. Let us remember that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church.

However, Our Lord did not promise that Hell would not prevail in these USA or, in the Roman Curia, in any other particular place.

When you hear awful stories, do not become discouraged.

We are nearing some kind of turning point. I think it is time to press forward HARD and with courage to renew our Holy Church’s liturgical worship, the best, clean antidote.
[Hat tip to Christine Niles, FB]


I am not Spartacus said...

Richard Cardinal Cushing (Old man Kennedy's patsy) was the force behind the Commonwealth of Mass. ditching the prohibitions against contraception and so we can only imagine what actual Masons and Commies in the Church are doing

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

"Infiltrate"?? Are you kidding? They have been coming in like a circus parade throughout the past century. In the wake of the Great Council of Aquarius, they have done everything except spread a banner across St Peter's, "Open Under New Management."

Chris said...

I'm reading an interesting book just now called, in English "Vatican 2: a discussion that must take place", or something like that. I'm not far into the book yet, but he raises a question which has troubled me for many, many years. In essence, the question is this: why, since the Council, has every defence of the Church depended on Vatican 2 documents, those written since, and some occasional reference to the Church Fathers? It is as if the intervening 1600 years never happened.

JM said...

From Mat Abbott's website this discouraging bit...

Father Andrew Greeley has died at the age of 85.

I've mentioned him a number of times in this column over the last several years. I was no fan of his, to say the least. He even sent me a cryptic email a while back.

Out of Christian charity, we should pray for his soul. But I do want to remind readers of the following excerpts in Father Greeley's non-fiction book Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest – something he never (to my knowledge) revealed while living:

Pertinacious Papist said...


Thanks for the link, which leads to still further links -- all with worthy details.